The personality test used all over the world was adapted to Turkey

The personality test used all over the world was adapted to Turkey

The MMPI-2, a personality test developed in the United States and used for adults, was adapted for Turkey by Turkish scientists. Stating that the test will be extremely useful in personality research, Professor Meral Çulha noted that it will start to be used in many areas, including the public.

The MMPI-2 personality test (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory), which is widely used all over the world, has been adapted for Turkey. The test, which will be a good tool for diagnosing psychopathology and revealing the differences and development in this treatment process, was adapted by Professor Meral Çulha, a faculty member at Doğuş University, and her team. Stating that the MMPI test, the first version of the test, is currently used, Professor Çulha stated that this test is now outdated and MMPI-2 should be put into use. Stating that MMPI-2 is ready for use, Çulha noted that it will be released to the market in the near future.

Professor Çulha said that they will share the results of the research conducted with the test and provide training for it, and even train the trainers first, and added, “The test will have the opportunity to be used in the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior to be used in forensic psychology in the future.”

Stating that the MMPI test is the most widely used objective personality test, Çulha said that the test, which has been translated into 22 languages, is used in many cultures. Stating that the test has many areas of use, Çulha said: “The two professors who developed this test aimed to obtain an objective and practical test in order to make psychiatric diagnosis and to monitor developments in the treatment process, and they succeeded in this. But then MMPI started to be used not only in psychiatry, psychology, clinics and hospitals, but also in other fields. For example, it was applied in risky professions and to applicants for these professions. It also started to be used in industry. In the industry, it is especially used to measure personality in leadership qualities.”


Stating that there are 567 questions in the test applied to adults, Çulha said that the MMPI-2 is much more developed and gave the following information about the test:

“While the previous MMPI had three validity subscales, the MMPI-2 has 6 or 7 validity scales. The validity scale is extremely important. It addresses and measures issues such as ‘how did the person answer this test, are these answers reliable, are they valid or not?’ The second test addressed this measurement more broadly. Apart from that, there are many more subscales in the second test. Apart from these clinical subscales, there are subscales that measure many other personality traits.”


Stating that the research and adaptation studies of MMPI-2 are completely finished, Çulha said, “MMPI was first published in Turkey in 1982 by Professor Işık Savaşır. After that, it started to be widely used. But now MMPI-2 is ready, it will be on the market after a while. After that, the 2 should be used. Because the original MMPI is outdated. It can be extremely useful in personality research. It is already being used in research. In the future, of course, it will be used in a wider area, especially in the public sphere.”

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